The other hobby.

Well, one of them. I sew. Mostly for my kids, but, some toys and bags and other random things, and a few things for myself. This is my latest batch- all of these have been through the washer and dryer at least once, and are in their just-out-of-the-dryer rumpled state, sorry. 🙂

These two are simple reverse appliqued tees for my 5yo, made from a well worn (green) and brand new (blue) XL men’s tees. It saves a ton of time on hemming, it’s a great way to use up old tees that are stained or stretched out around the neck, and often new men’s tees are cheaper than the same thing in a child’s size! I just made a pattern from a tee that fits my son well, easy to do, since boy’s tees are so relaxed and knit is so forgiving.

This outfit is made from LilBlueBoo patterns, the A-line (probably my favorite- I change it up quite a bit, it’s very versatile) and her new Classic Knit Ruffle Pants. She’s very spin-ny when she wears this one, and the fabric is great- cotton with a good amount of stretch. I love the striped knit, too- it’s softly gathered along the stripes.

And this one has been in rotation for a month+ now, but, it’s fun. I added a long pointy elfish hood to the LBB A-line, and sewed it onto a round neck, very different than what I normally do with hoods. I usually knot the hood, like the second picture shows- it is really long, otherwise. She really loves having hoods up- a lot like her brother at this age.

And that isn’t crazy mismatched stripes down the side of the last dress, it’s a fold in the fabric there- pet peeve that I always try to avoid! 🙂

I really don’t take the time to photograph knit clothes much, they’re nothing fancy, just play wear- but, it is nice to have a record of what I’ve made before it’s disappeared from rotation. I’m going to try to do it more- even if they’re just-from-the-dryer and taped-to-the-wall!


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