3-D Printed Rigid Heddle Loom


We acquired our first (and short-lived 2nd) 3-D printers through Kickstarter projects years ago, moved onto kits shortly after, and in the years since our first- we have learned an awful lot about using them. If you ever need a reminder that human ingenuity is vast- this is the hobby for you. I am so happy to be a humble part of this group.

My little stacking rainbow toys. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2954167

My design skills are still very much in the growth stage- but, I’ve been able to put together some simple toys (my rainbow stackers: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2954167 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2381407 a massive block set (one day I’ll get pictures), lots of tools for my clay work (cutters, stamps, molds, texture rollers) and I love sharing them- because I’ve found so many useful things other people have designed!

We’ve printed shelf pegs when one in a pantry (that held up our heavy dog food container) popped out and disappeared- the 3-D printed ones *never* pop out of place. We’ve printed parts for printers. We’ve printed tools and toys and containers. But, this- is absolutely my favorite- a 16″ rigid heddle loom.

Being a crocheter and a knitter and a seamstress (and someone who just really likes to dye things- like yarn), I appreciate all the fiber crafts. One day in December, I decided to add weaver to my list- and I started printing parts. We (because *I* couldn’t get some of these very tight clearances to mesh alone) built it last week, and I had my first scarf 3 days later. My second scarf only took 2 days.

And then they just kept coming.

I’ve woven a bunch of cotton washcloths and little towels, too, but, they made it into use before I could grab photos. I plan to weave some fabric for a bag, next- so many things to do besides scarves (but, they are addictive).

So,  a few new hobbies since I last posted. Who knows what I’ll be doing on my next! 😉

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