Because weaving in ends is no fun.

The Tulips sweater is sitting here, waiting for 23 ends to be woven in and 3 buttons to be sewn on. At least there’s no seaming to do. It might have to wait until Halloween costumes are done (not that they’ve been started).

But, I did get a few things done this week- hats! What Florida child doesn’t need a cozy hat? Ha- it’s been close to 90 all week. 🙂

I came acrossa cute double pom-pom hat at RUMM kids recently and pinned it, knowing it would be easy to figure out.

I started with 2 strands of Joann’s Angel Hair (which is supposed to be a Super Bulky yarn- I disagree) on 15’s. It’s just a 1×1 rib (knit, purl all the way around an even number of stitches), and I cast-on 40 stitches. I used my biggest Clover pom-pom maker- they’re HUGE and eat up lots of yarn all by themselves!

This ended up being a little too tight and a little too short- it fits, but, not quite what I wanted.

So, I cast on 48 stitches with FOUR strands of yarn (3 of Paton’s SWS- a wool/soy yarn discontinued years ago- and 1 strand of Paton’s Brilliant- another kaput yarn- this was a stash buster!). And I knitted another inch, and would have gone even longer, but, I was really running short on half of the yarn. This time the fit is just perfect, though- so stretchy that it can fit on my head!

So, if it ever decides to get chilly, her head is covered!

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