I’m still here!

Still crafting away!

Though Autumn hasn’t brought us any chill yet, it will… eventually. And I’m preparing. I bought 10 skeins of undyed hand spun wool yarn when my daughter was just a baby, and used 4 of them to make her a sweater. It’s time for another one, while she’s still little enough to knit for, little enough to dress in rainbows. So, I brought the rest of it out and dyed it up.

The yellow was left over from the first sweater, the orange was a different yarn, and was ultimately too bulky and bright for this sweater. But, the rest of the colors are knitting up great!

And I’ve sewn up a bunch of layering tees. This pattern is Fall Basic from Ottobre 4/13 (the latest one as of this post). It’s really cute and quick, and doesn’t use much fabric at all. This one was the first I cut- too short for my 4yo, so I added a little ribbing cuff to the waist line.

This one came next- a super soft double knit from Fabric.com. I have a yard+ of the same fabric in red, too- and I used scraps from this tee to make matching leg warmers.

The cupcake tee is made from scraps I used for her 3rd birthday dress. The cupcakes and sprinkles are cheap baby ribbing from Joann’s (a year + ago). There’s no recovery in the fabric at all, so the neckline is a little wider than I’d prefer, but, not awful. I barely had enough sprinkles fabric to make some leg warmers, but, it worked!

And the last of this batch- a soft white brushed interlock for the body, and white cotton waffle knit for the sleeves. I painted a rainbow onto them with Dyenaflow paints- it was fun blending the colors, and the fabric is still very soft and drapey.

I’ve been sewing up things for her left and right, so many of those projects are worn as fast as I churn them out, so they don’t make it to pictures! I’m hoping to get back outside soon as the cooler weather hits, lots of woodworking ideas. And when this sweater is finished, I’ll try to post about it, too.

Again, though- I really am a terrible blogger, so no promises. 🙂

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