More heliographic sun printing!

The first official day of “summer” for the kids- and this is one of the things that kept them busy. I tried another fabric/other stuff paint, Dye-na-flow, by Jacquard. It’s a lot less expensive than the Setacolor Transparent I’ve used in the past- but, it definitely affects the hand of the fabric more (though, not nearly enough to complain about- it’s great!).

Even “mistakes” (like a giant purple drop) turn out pretty cool. We used a whole bunch of pennies this time- in a random pattern on the first piece and in stripes on this one.

And we also used sea salt this time! The way it sucks the water (and dye), drawing it into these pretty bubbly patterns- it’s really pretty cool.

We had a pretty cloudy day today- if it’s sunnier tomorrow, we may have a go at it again. It’s really fun for the kids, and a very quick project (aside from the development time- which takes us a little less than an hour).

Editting to add our new rainbow beanbags! Both kids helped sew these- very easy “first sewing” type of project. Each fabric piece was roughly 24×16, so, I chopped each down into 12 ~5.25″ squares. Fun! 🙂


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