The hair clips are starting to take over.

They’re such quick little projects, which means it’s easy to make our little girl smile. 🙂

All of these are GGDesigns patterns- they stitch out really well and have great instructions with them.

The (6 tentacled?) octopuses will get bows on their heads before they’re done, but, they’re pretty cute unadorned, too. the hibiscus is so nice and summery. And she’ll love having a seashell in her “mermaid hair”. I used wool felt that I dyed myself, and shimmery iridescent thread on the seashells and the clip cover.

I love the peacock, but, she immediately put that one aside with an “I don’t like this one”. Finicky little one. The koalas come together. I tried digitizing my own koala, by the way, and didn’t do enough pull compensation in the eyes- so, he had mean squinty angry eyes- which she pointed out. These guys are much less ornery. 🙂 And the little tiger is so cute!

Milk and a cute little cookie- fun with pigtails? That’s one of a pair of ladybugs- the other one didn’t make it home from preschool today (but, will probably find us again). The polar bear will probably get a bow, while I’m making tiny bows for the octopuses/octopi/octopodes/squid/whatever they are.

And the few that I didn’t clip up for pics are waiting for glue or clips or both.

Next up? Better hair clip storage!!!

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