Blocks with a trick up their sleeve…

Sometimes, I just get a silly idea in my head and just HAVE to try it out.

And this particular idea was not well suited to any child in my immediate family/friends circle- why did we all choose names for our kids with so many curvy letters?! I mean, it’s doable- but, it will take some extra planning and tweaking, more than I wanted to do at the moment- and then I thought of a sweet little girl who has a lovely STRAIGHT LETTERED NAME! 😉

Everyone knows alphabet blocks- and sure- it’s fun to spell your name with little squares with letters on them. But, what if blocks could be stacked AS letters? And I think it works!

Now, Lily has a baby sister, so I had to be more careful than usual to not do any really small pieces, like I do with the sets my kids use. And her baby sister’s name would provide some challenges that L-i-l-Y didn’t- so, I may have to send another set their way soon.

Their mama makes them beautiful clothing– perfection- so, I hope some rather wonky blocks can still earn a smile! 😉

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