KCW Spring 2013- Days 1 and 2

It’s Kids Clothes Week, spring edition again- so, I’ve been spending my time inside. On day one, I used Setacolor transparent fabric paints to paint a rainbow across the cotton/spandex ribbing I used to make the neck and arm ribbing of this Lil Blue Boo racerback. I made a size 3/4T, thinking that it would fit… whoops. It may fit in another year. It’s wearable, but, really big- kind of maxi-dress. I made the main part of the dress from cotton waffle knit- so, it’s a nice summery cool dress.If there’s one thing the girl loves more than Hello Kitty, it’s rainbows.

I got this one sewn up on Day 1, too, but, didn’t get a pic. It’s a simple dress that’s loosely based on the LBB A-line pattern. I dropped the neckline, capped the sleeves, and gave it a full square hem and split sides- it is super duper twirly. It’s a very soft fuchsia colored cotton rib- very light weight and drapey. I left the hem unfinished, as it isn’t prone to unraveling at all, and it’s much twirlier that way. Chocolate brown cotton/spandex ribbing at the neck and cap sleeves.

On day 2, I finished a few more LBB racerbacks. This one is a very soft brushed cotton interlock in baby blue- from Fabric.com last fall (less than $2 a yard!). I would have ordered more if I’d know how nice it felt. I used self fabric on the neck/arms, and screened a unicorn on the front.

And one more racerback (she loves knit dresses and it’s starting to warm up here)- a really drapey cotton or rayon (I don’t recall) from the ~$2yd Fabric.com order last fall. I used bright orange cotton/spandex on the neck and arms this time, and screened it, too. She had a little tee when she was a baby that was screened with “HELLO” on the front and “GOODBYE” on the back- and I’ve been wanting to make a Hello dress with a happy sunshine in the place of the ‘O’ ever since.

Unfortunately, that tends to look like “Hell-sunshine”, and I just couldn’t get past it. Until the phrase-in-Spahish trend hit- Hola has no such problem!

We tried it on this afternoon, and it went so well with the blue and purple polka dot socks, the fading glittery Belle tattoo, and the pink and green O+S bucket hat (from a year ago?) that I had to document it. 😉

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