All that glitters…

… makes a big mess! Well, usually. “The herpes of craft supplies”, indeed. That’s one reason I like to use resin to dress up building blocks. It keeps the glitter where it belongs. 🙂

I picked up a pack of Martha Stewart tinsel glitter on clearance at Michael’s, and it is SUPER sparkly in resin. This big gray block is probably my favorite- it’s just so pretty to look at. I painted the little resin wells, then sealed them with Mod Podge, and that did a pretty good job of keeping the resin in place on this block.

I used a bunch of scraps for this set- this was an odd shape, but, it cut up into a nice little stacker. I imbedded a previously cast resin dome in the top brick.

The bottom block’s holes were painted in blues and greens, and a little silver glitter was dumped in two layers- it’s pretty, too.

This stacker started as another weird little scrap. There’s another resin cabochon in the top block.

This piece came from the center of a tree- interesting grain lines. 🙂

I’m pretty sure the “Y” piece was part of the outline from the bridge I cut out for the bendy dolls. Another random scrap. I imbedded a clay butterfly in the top block, with the leftover mix of tinsel/fine glitter that ended up on the tray I was using.

A few black flower beads in this gray block. I didn’t really like the way the plastic beads in resin turned out- they just look kind of dull. Oh well. The bottom block is more tinsel glitter- I thought about cutting it into two blocks, but, didn’t get around to it.

More polymer clay casts, and another bead. The casts were all done in Martha Stewart silicone molds- they’re great for clay and resin just pops right out of them, too. I think the transparent bead is a lot prettier in resin than the black flowers above. The pink block is evidence that it’s really easy to overfill these little wells. I don’t really love the way the glitter all floated to the top on that one, either- but, I don’t think the kids mind. 🙂




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