A little forest

And some new bendy friends! A little bit of indoor springtime for them- just some quick cuts in .5″ poplar for the fir trees and flowering bushes, and a thicker 1.5″ pine for the bridge. If I get around to it, a little felt playmat with a river would be a nice addition- and I’ll definitely make a few more natural objects (more trees, a fallen log, cave?).

Pinkie is the beginning of a rainbow set of girls- yellow and green just need hair, and orange, purple, blue and red are all in need of heads at the moment.

And the first winged fairy. I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo of her wings- they were a lot of hand embroidery work with a pesky iridescent floss!

I was going to leave her head without any hat, but, her hair just wasn’t laying down nicely, so I plunked a big flower on top. I like it- I think any future fairies will get flower hats, too. 🙂

And oh, I make stuff for my son sometimes, too.

Actually, WE made this one- I cut out the slingshot, he drilled the holes (with my immediate supervision) using our drill press, and he gets all the credit for the paint job and color choices.  😉

Made by Joel inspired this one- and his little folded paper arrows work great without being obscenely dangerous. Fun!

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