Hair clippies!

My daughter’s hair is getting very long, and left to its own devices, it’s always in her face. Our signature hair move (when we’re not up for pigtails or something fancier), is to sweep some of the hair in front off to the side with a tiny elastic band. It works- but, she’s a bit of a girlie girl, and loves having a pretty hair clip in.

I haven’t made her any since I went on a clippie making binge, either while I was still pregnant with her or right after she was born. Unfortunately, she did not have her brother’s head of hair- he could have used clips by 6m or so. πŸ˜‰ Her hair didn’t really come in until she was over a year old. So, all those clips bounced around, disappeared, who knows.

So, I dusted off the embroidery module on my machine, picked up a few patterns on sale, and got to stitching.

I made the little pink circle with the G initial in Stitch Era Universal, adding the G to the heart, and used heart, kitty, butterfly and mini clip patterns from GG Designs. They had a big Easter sale- they’re really cute patterns with a few sizes in each (except the clip), great instructions, too. Instead of attaching the kitty, the butterfly, the stacked hearts, and the circle initial to clips, I just inserted one into them directly.

The black and pink heart clip was the first one she wore, yesterday- it didn’t come home. She wore a different, unpictured one today- and didn’t come home with it. BUT- the heart clip came back. So, I have hopes that today’s clip will come back, too. πŸ™‚

The starfish is another GG Designs- I just inserted a clip into the starfish, here, too. I added the “3” to the purple heart, and hand cut the pinwheel.

I hand cut the rolled roses. The owl is a GG Designs pattern.

And these still need a little work. The ice cream cone (another GG Designs!) needs a button “cherry” on top and a clip. The other two circle initials need to be attached to their clips (I haven’t decided if I like them on their same color clips yet).

I dyed all the felt myself, outside of the beige ice cream cone.

It seems like a ton of clips, but, if she keeps coming home without them, we’re not going to make it into May! πŸ™‚

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