Dye, Felt- DYE!

I love wool felt- it’s such a dream to work with, compared to acrylic felt (the typical craft store stuff). It cuts so cleanly, has such a nice stretchy feel to it, is super sturdy, and…. it’s easy to dye. And goodness knows, if I can turn something into a rainbow, you’d best get out of my way! 😉

So, I decided to make some little bendy dolls for my daughter, and bendy dolls are just NOT as cute naked. Felt is perfect for making tiny clothing- it doesn’t need to be hemmed, it adds a little fluff to think little bodies. And although I have a bunch of wool felt scraps from a great sale at Wool Felt Central a few years back, an awful lot of it was some shade of white and an awful lot of it wasn’t blue or pink or green or purple or orange or yellow.

So, I gathered up a bunch of those whitish scraps, some of my trusty gel food coloring, white vinegar and a bunch of microwave bowls and set to work.

And when I ran out of that, I armed myself with a ridiculous amount of coupons, and headed to Joann’s. This rainbow is their 35/65 wool/rayon blend- I really like working with it.

And this is 100% wool- so fluffy- and so easy to get super saturated colors.

The blends are already being chopped up into tiny dresses and hats, I have other plans for the lofty 100% wool (once I finish orange, red, pink, and purple). 🙂


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