My favorite color is all of them.

Really, it’s blue. But, there’s something about a whole rainbow of colors all jumbled together that’s just SO FUN. I don’t think that there’s anyone that does this better than Grimm’s Spiel & Holz, and their Land of Nod exclusive block set has been one of my favorites- all those loopy organic shapes in such bright happy colors!

Now that I know my scroll saw can handle this thicker wood (albeit, slowly), I decided to tackle this one- I am not skilled enough at the bandsaw to make it through all those tight curves, but, with the scroll saw, no problem!

This is half of the set- I have the other half in various stages of doneness, most still need to visit the scroll saw for some curves, and they all need to be sanded and painted and finished.

These 30 blocks bring the set up to 188- the second half will push it well over 200. I think I’m going to have to come up to a better solution than the pillowcase very soon.

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