An Experiment.

So, I bought some pourable resin to play with a few months ago, with the idea of using it in inlays in wooden blocks. Just a way to make them sparkle a little, without cursing glitter to show up all over the kids, dogs, house, and planet. I finally got around to trying it in wood this week- I just took a long skinny scrap and used a forstner bit to drill shallow indentations into it, then I used mixed up my resin and poured it into the holes and added sprinkles of glitter. It sort of worked- I completely overfilled one of the spots, and I learned that you have to be really careful with sandpaper and resin’s good face (the mint/blue block really could use a touchup or resin thanks to that).

And I never intended for that scrap to be anything but a tester- but, why not let them be a little more? So, I quickly chopped the “good ones” up, gave them a quick sand, a quick coat of thinned acrylic paint, and a little beeswax polish to finish them off.

So, it’s not what I intend to do, and wasn’t the plan- but, we have a few more blocks. They may be little, but, they pack a punch. 🙂

Leftover resin has gone into molds. I have no idea what to do with these- I might drill a hole into some of the little ones and let my daughter wear them- but, it’s been fun playing.

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