Not another rainbow!

Yep. I got some new blades for the scroll saw awhile back that are very heavy-duty compared to the much thinner ones I used for the animals. While, I really do not recommend doing much with 1.5″ thick wood on a scroll saw- it is really, really slow going- it sure is possible with the right equipment!

But, I don’t recommend doing a BIG one. Oh, that would take ages! See how little and cute this one is in comparison? It’s just about 3″ tall. And those 7 cuts took me over an hour. Now, I’m sure not an expert on the scroll saw yet- maybe one of them could’ve done this faster- but, there is a nice trade-off to the huge amount of time it takes to saw on the scroll saw, vs. the band saw- sanding time! The scroll saw blade leaves those curves very, very smooth- and sanding inside the bigger rainbows band saw cut curves was awful, awful, awful.

This one is also much more symmetrical than it’s bigger cousin. It can go together in any which way, fitting just fine- and stacks really easily.

Yeah, I made it for the kids.

Really. I did!

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