Housing animals

… And on this farm there was a… penguin?!

All the little animals I’ve been making needed a place to call home. I have a fun book, Natural Wooden Toys, that has a simple barn, silo and shed plan. I winged it, and instead of the shed, I made a few “stalls” (well, stall openings). I need to get some little dollhouse hinges for the doors, but, I think it’s otherwise done. I may go back and add a little opening above the doors in the barn, for the little owl to hang out. The three pieces are hinged together with the same baker’s twine I’ve been using for animal tails- a Dollar Spot impulse purchase that’s been put to good use. 🙂

I just made the fence sections by using a forstner bit to drill into rectangles of wood and gluing in sections of dowels- really simple, but, effective! I have more waiting to be assembled- I ran out of 3/8″ dowel!

And yes- that’s a penguin. My 3yo would argue , though- it’s “just a bird” to her, totally normal on a farm.

Castle McHedgekog

This is based on another project in the book mentioned above, with some artistic license taken because I was already covered in sawdust and didn’t want to traipse through the house to go find the book. It’s hinged in the same manner as the farm, and the doors will remain unhinged so they work as drawbridges- or princess beds (the child has an imagination).

I will need to come up with some residents for the castle, I guess. I really should do another couple of sections of wall, but, those notches are a PITA to cut and sand- I probably should have used my router. Hindsight and all.

Girlie Wheels

And one of the three cars I started when I made the cars for Baby E and Gwen didn’t want to let them go. I need to pick up some more wheels to finish off the other two- making them with the drill press and a hole saw involved a TON of sanding.

I’m having a lot of fun- learning, practicing- but, I’ll have to post some of my other hobbies soon! I’m still sewing for the kids, and I want to get some yarn on the needles again! Woodwork is really rewarding, but, soooo messy! 🙂


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