Christmas Ornaments

I’ve done an ornament exchange for the past 3 years with a bunch of great women from a craft board. My giftee is a newlywed, LOVES red, and has a traditional theme to her holiday decorating. After a LOT of different ideas and iterations, this is what I came up with:

I was inspired by these, from a German company that does traditional wooden miniatures.  I was sooo happy to hear that she liked them. 🙂

I made the kids’ ornaments this year, same general idea.

Big brother’s 2012 Ornament
Little sister’s 2012 Ornament

This was my first time working with hardwoods- and wow, I loved it. It sands down so smooth- and smells nice when it’s being cut. I think this is mahogany- but, it might be cherry. I’m not sure I can tell the difference yet. 🙂

I’ve actually gotten a lot of sewing done in the past couple of weeks, too- I just don’t have photos yet!


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